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Oakwood Leisure Park, Wales

Make/ModelCustom Coasters International, Inc (CCI)
TypeWood - Sit Down
Year Built1996
at Oakwood1996 to present

Built by CCI as their first project outside the United States and thus sold for a fraction of the normal price, Megafobia regularly graces lists of the top woodies in the world. With its drops and crossovers its not hard to see why. Stuck in the middle of a Welsh field, it also has the dubious distinction of being the only coaster in the world to have its own herd of sheep(!)

First Ride: 13 August 2005


Coaster Stats

Length2956 ft
Height85 ft
Biggest Drop86 ft
Maximum Speed48 mph
Max Positive Gs+2.75 G

More info on this roller coaster is available on the RCDB